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Firefighter Love DIY Giant Wall Clock Fire Department Office Big Clock Watch Firefighting Rescue Volunteer Axe Hydrant Equipment

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Product description

Acrylic DIY Large Wall Clock

Decorate your home and make it look more personalized with this DIY 3D wall clock.This will not only work best for your home but also as a creative gift idea for your family and friends. Use it on your favorite wall and make the crystal surface form a perfect reflection of light.You can hang it on the wall of your bedroom, kitchen, study, or anywhere you would like to add a unique and novel style. Enjoy the envy from your guests!

You Decide The Size:

This DIY clock lets you choose just how big or small you want it to be on your walls. It arrives with 12 acrylic figure numbers that you just stick on your wall to create the clock face.

3 sizes Available: Gold, Silver and Black
Note: These 3 colors do not have glow in dark function.

The Minimum Achieving Size Is
-27 Inch: 30 x 30 cm (12'' x 12'')
-37 Inch: 50 x 50 cm (19'' x 19'')
-47 Inch: 70 x 70 cm (27'' x 27'')

The Maximum Achieving Size Is
-27 Inch: 70 x 70 cm (27'' x 27'')
-37 Inch: 90 x 90 cm (37'' x 37'')
-47 Inch: 120 x 120 cm (47'' x 47'')

Clock Specification

3 Colors Available: Gold, Silver and Black
Clock Material: Acrylic with Mirror Effect
Sticker Material: EVA Foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Hour Hand Length
-27 Inch: 13.5cm (5.3'')
-37 Inch: 23.5 cm (9.25')
-47 Inch: 31.5cm (12.5'')

Minute Hand Length
-27 Inch: 19.5cm (7.6'')
-37 Inch: 31.5cm (12.4'')
-47 Inch: 39cm (15.4'')

What You Will Receive ?

Package Included:
12 Pcs of Mirror Acrylic Clock Numbers
2 Pcs Clock Hands
1 Pcs Circle Disk
1 Pcs Clock Mechanism
1 Pcs Paper Ruler

Glow In The Dark DIY Wall Clock

See what time it is, day or darkness, with this fantastic array of glow in the dark wall clocks. They recharge with the daylight, or ambient light form the room. And they glow just enough to read, without being overpowering to the viewer. So don't strain your eyes with a bright cell phone clock or tying to read your watch in the dark. Get a glow-in-the-dark wall clock. Your eyes will thank you.

Luminous Wall Clock

Environmentally friendly energy storage. This wall clock can absorb light energy at day and glow in the dark. (The glow time depends on the light absorbed in the day. The more the absorbed light source, the longer the intensity and duration of the night light.)

Glow At Night Wall Clock

This large DIY wall clock is made of environmental protection luminous materials , energy storage, energy absorption during the day and energy release at night.

Luminous Wall Clock Feature:

This product is DIY product, the best result on the wall is diameter 40-90cm, you can paste a larger
or smaller as your wish.

Hour hand: 31.5 cm /12.4 inch
Minute hand: 39 cm/15.35 inch
Whole Diameter:90 -120 cm/31.5-47.2 inch
The clock final decoration size is up to you!

Silent Movement Clock Mechanism

The high-quality quartz movement mechanism guarantees precise time, quiet sweep second hand provide a good sleep and work environment.

Beautiful Package Box

The clock is sent in a durable, aesthetic packaging made of recycled paper. Everything is professionally wrapped, we use styrofoam inside protective spacers in order for your product to withstand all the challenges during the shipment :). We make every effort to make your parcel reached its destination as soon as possible and unharmed.

Package included
1 x movement with screws
1 x minutes hand
1 x Hour hand
1 set of numbers
1 x scale

Custom Order Accepted

We can create your own DIY Giant Wall Clock that suitable with your needs and use it for your own collection and personal use only. Just let us know the topics and designs which you want us to make, or you can send the image of your Logo and Brand, we will send you the design sketch within 24hours. You will be able to review it, comment on it and ask for revisions (if needed) until you are fully satisfied with the design.

Return & Warranty
If you're not fully satisfied, please fill in our contact us form and we'll quickly work to correct the problem.